Financial Planning Videos

Cash flow financial planning is a way of using long-term modelling, through sophisticated software, to see how your finances map out into the future. This is a wonderful way to help with decision-making as the picture created by the model can help with seeing where future shortfalls may occur and/or where the greatest risks to your money lie.

This ‘informs’ you what sort of investment strategy and risk you should be taking as well as such things as when it is realistic to retire.

There are so many areas where advice can make a great difference to your financial wellbeing. This embraces planning to avoid Inheritance Tax, investing for long-term growth and income, protecting your family, dealing with complex pension matters, and much more besides. The benefit of using an adviser who is independent is that they can work with the whole of the market whereas non-independent advisers may have some restrictions. This video explains more and how (and why) independent advice works to support the advice process.

This is a video covering how you may want to deal with the personal financial implications of economic crises.

Whilst these crises may come in different forms, at different times, the way to react, plan, and deal with them does not change.

Typically, the same management approach should be adapted to any economic crisis.

The video was developed specifically in reaction to the early days of the 2020 pandemic and the economic shock this created, however, its core messages and suggestions around how investors should think about this, are relevant to any downturn or difficult period.

The value of investments can fall as well as rise and you may not get back the amount originally invested.