For Business Owners Videos

This video explains how directors and owners of businesses have significant financial planning advantages as a result of their positions. It links the financial goals of the business and those of the individual outlining how they can be made to interact, in particular by using the tax system which produces favourable opportunities. Most people think of financial planning as something relevant just to individuals, but as the video describes, there are many angles here for businesses and key people in the business.

For those of you in business, running your own company or as a sole trader or partnership, there are threats and risks you will need to manage to protect your business. And in nearly every case there is a protection solution, a step or steps you can take to cover the risk.

Things can get complicated for a business if a key player – such as a shareholder, director, or senior employee becomes ill and has to step out of the business, or death occurs. In these instances, research shows that many businesses will suffer significant losses or in some cases will have to close.

These are tangible risks and ones that all businesses have to weigh up.

This is a video that explains how protection can be arranged to reduce the risks or even take them off the table entirely.