When you invest your money you have to decide on some form of a strategic approach to balance out aiming for a good return against the risk you are prepared to incur.

There are many ways you can do this, with asset allocation being one way.

This video explains how asset allocation works and how it links to the age-old attribute of diversifying. Asset allocation is commonly considered the most robust investment management approach for private investors to follow.

Investing for Income has some special attributes and considerations which can be subtly different than investing just to grow your money.

Many people rely on their investments to help provide them with income, for example, in retirement.

This is a video that explains more about how an investor should think about setting out their investment strategy in these cases.

Rebalancing is a nifty and neat aspect of managing a portfolio and is something all private investors should understand how this works.

The idea is that if you have a wide mix of different holdings within a portfolio these will go up and down in value from time to time, at different speeds, and at different points.

Therefore, it is easy for a portfolio constructed to meet certain goals and risks, to get out of kilter over time.

Also, how do you make the most of fluctuating values from area to area?

In both cases, rebalancing offers a great solution to manage the portfolio to optimize the risk/reward position, because the act of rebalancing provides a break on things getting imbalanced, at the same time as disciplining the investor to buy low and sell high.

The video explains how and all the details of this fascinating management technique.

Most of the great books ever written on personal finance have at their heart how important it is for people to create wealth through saving.

It is so simple, but also commonly misunderstood.

The key is the power of compounding. The combination of saving regularly and using investments that can grow harnesses that power.

This allows any individual who is able to set in place a savings strategy to create wealth.

The video outlines how this works in more detail, and covers how individuals can pursue this, and the best approach. As well as explaining how and why compounding makes a big difference to outcomes.

The value of investments can fall as well as rise and you may not get back the amount originally invested.