Pension Matters Videos

Income Drawdown describes the process of using a pension beyond the age of 55 to provide an income. This may look straightforward but is not. The options are many and the risks can be high.

Income Drawdown is incredibly flexible and allows investors to keep their pensions intact whilst receiving an income. However, pension investors need to consider carefully a number of factors, including where to invest their pension, what level of income to draw, and how to structure everything to try and ensure the pension does not suffer large losses or even worse run out of money altogether.

The video explains the subject fully.

Pension Freedom describes the flexibility allowed to those age 55+ who have private-style pensions, to take the value of their pension funds in any way they like.

This means you can have all of your value in one go from this age.

Whilst this flexibility and freedom is generally beneficial it does come with drawbacks and potential dangers.

Learning how this works is crucial for those who are in this position, and this video explains all about how this works, the risks, and how best to go about sorting what is most suitable for you.

Millions of people have more than one pension plan, and in many cases have multiple plans. These will have been accrued over time from past jobs, pensions started at different life stages, maybe through a recommendation by banks or advisers, or from contracting out of the government’s second state pension scheme. This can lead to a mixed bag of pensions – with different costs and charges, different retirement dates, different investment holdings, and maybe even different types of pension.

This can produce a confusing and inefficient position, which doesn’t help with the effective management of a retirement strategy.

Pension consolidation describes the process of bringing two or more of these plans together into a more efficient structure, normally into one plan.

This doesn’t always make sense, as the video explains. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t.

The video explores how you should approach this, how to work out what to do for the best and when pension consolidation can improve your future retirement prospects.

Organising how to take income in retirement, from savings, investments, and pensions can be a complex decision. Many different factors have to weigh up against each other. The level of income you need, the tax position, both the investments and funds which you draw income from, as well as your own tax position, and the risk of pursuing certain options against others.

It involves calculations and choices and requires skilled judgments.

What may appear simple, is often anything but.

This is a video that takes you through the complexities involved, and outlines how you can form a plan which works, is efficient, and effective.

The value of investments can fall as well as rise and you may not get back the amount originally invested.